The Floor is Lava Cheat the floor is lava score hack Unlimited Score


The Floor is Lava Cheat

By using this The Floor is Lava Cheat, you can select the high score you wish to have and the choice to enable unlimited lives meaning you can keep playing without dying.

You can find the cheat here:          Website-Hack-Now-Button


All you have to do is enter your Apple ID or Google Email, select your device, and choose your coin amount.


  • Nothing to download
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Unlimited uses
  • Up to 999,999 high score
  • Anti-Ban
  • Easy to use
  • Fast score update
  • No sign-in required
  • Use on PC or Mobile


We do not require you to download anything. This tool is completely online and works on all devices. This Floor is Lava Cheat is the only true way to cheat in-game and a huge high score and unlimited lives.

WHY DO I NEED A floor is lava cheat?

By using this floor is lava Hack tool, you can get a huge high score up to 999,999 and unlimited lives in-game! But the question still remains as to why. Well, here is the answer: from experience, we know that games like The Floor is Lava can be very hard to get a high score, and when you want to impress your friends, this can make things very stressful. Well, why put yourself through the effort when you can get an insanely high score in just a couple minutes. And you can show them that you are a L33T H4ck3r by having unlimited lives!

What is The Floor is Lava?

Your goal is very simple. You must jump across your living room, but while also keeping in mind that at any given point in time… the whole floor can turn into boiling hot lava! Use the hearts to your upmost advantage and keep on jumping as long as you possibly can.

Click the button below to begin. We do not require you to sign in, just complete the process and receive all your gems and credits immediately.



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